WiseCentral sends you Automated emails upon registration. Please check your Spam or Junk folder if the email is not found in your InBox. 

If you still are not able to trace the email sent to you, please follow the instructions below to get your login credentials.


Please ensure that you have paid the course fees and you have the corresponding confirmation from WiselyWise or from one of our authorized partners. If you are on a Discounted or Free plan, please check with the WiselyWise team about your enrolment to the course. 

Once you have confirmation that you are enrolled in the course, please follow the instructions below to retrieve your login credentials

STEP 2 :

Click on the link : https://ai.wiselywise.com 

this will open up the WiseCentral platform as in below screenshot

STEP 3 :

Click on the SignIn link on the Top Menu


Once you click on SignIn, a new Welcome page will open as below. please click on the Forgot Password? link as shown.


After you click the Forgot Password? link , it will open a new page as below. please enter your registered email id and click on Submit button

STEP 5 :

After you click on Submit, the page below will be displayed. you can close this page now. 


After this step, please check your email for an Automatic email from WiseCentral with instructions to reset your password. You can use this password and your email id to log in successfully into WiseCentral.