What is Blockchain Verification?

What is the Blockchain?

Our provider uses the Bitcoin Blockchain to store an incorruptible record of credentials.

The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of bitcoin transactions that can be used to securely record virtually anything of value. Anything that is written to the Blockchain can't be altered in the future by any party because of the complexity of the blockchain. When a credential is issued and recorded to the Blockchain, the record of the credential is written into the list of Blockchain transactions. Because the Blockchain is public anyone can verify that the credential was recorded at the correct time, validating that information you see is correct.

What is a Blockchain Credential? How Does it Prevent Credential Fraud?

When the issuer of a credential decides to issue a Blockchain Credential, an encrypted record gets made of:

  • The Issuer
  • The Recipient
  • The Award
  • The Date of Creation

These pieces of data are encrypted right onto the blockchain. This means that every blockchain credential is incredibly secure.

On the Credential View


On the credential view, blockchain credentials will show the section of the Blockchain that they were recorded to (Blockchain ID) as an indicator of the real information you can verify.

When you click the 'Verify' button, you will get more information about the Blockchain record of the credential and how anyone can verify it's legitimacy.